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Joels Gold Store

Joel’s Gold Store needed to familiarize its visitors with its secure and fast service. A few paragraphs of text would have been the traditional way to go. However, with our Virtual Presentation technology and the help of Michelle - star of KOST 103.5 - visitors are now educated and engaged by an interactive, easy-to-understand presentation as soon as they enter the website, resulting in a larger ROI (return on investment.)


Mammoth Water

Mammoth Water Company relied on Web Video Presenter to introduce its new “No Leak Cap” technology to its visitors. Without a Virtual Presenter, something like this would have originally required a few paragraphs of boring text to explain.


Dr. Manzoor OBGYN


Exchange Bazar

The solution to confusion!

A unique service with lots of potential in growth. WVP to the rescue created a series of VPs that explains the service and how it works to the website vistors.


Greatnet Solutions


Federal Loan Modification

Nationwide loan modification agncy in need of a tool to spice up their landing page to give a clear understanding of what they do converting google clicks to closes.