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The republical National convention

How does New York City get five thousand 2004 Republican National Convention delegates ready for the week of a lifetime? With an Interactive CD! The Official CD-ROM of the Republican National Convention features videos starring Sean Hannity Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor George Pataki and Former Mayor Ed Koch. This virtual tour of the Big Apple includes everything from delegate hotel reservation information to lists of hundreds of restaurants offering special delegate discounts. Find out where the GOP is taking in 18 holes of golf, reserve a spot on any number of walking tours, plan fun outings with the kids, explore "must see" sights for first-time visitors, and even learn which side of the sidewalk to use during a busy Manhattan afternoon.


Manhattan high school for girls

Private schools like to boast about their superior student body. The key to filling a school with the best and brightest is to generate a large number of applications for enrollment. The MHS CD nearly doubled applications of enrollment to the school, allowing the administration to pick and choose the finest. Additionally, as a result of the CD, Multimedia classes were added to the already rigorous curriculum and now the students are making their own digital yearbook.